Over the years working as an in-house Digital Lead and a consultant I came across many exciting digital products and initiatives, but also many terribly incompetent and confusing ones.

I would often find that the people requesting digital help didn’t have much knowledge of Digital and/or were guided by someone else who didn’t have much understanding of the proposed product or organisation. Sometimes those commissioning the work would be aware of the brief’s shortcomings and have a variety of excuses: “X director wants it like this”, “decisions have already been made on all this and we just need to come up with the Digital bit now” and“I know it’s rubbish but our systems work like this and we have to follow them”.

Behind all this is a lack of Digital Leadership.

The absence of a Digital Leader who can provide the Director with a better solution to their problem.

A Digital Leader who can build relationships across an organisation and ensure that everyone wants them in their planning process, from the beginning.

A Digital Leader who can influence the choice and set-up of technology systems and processes in the organisation in order to create a system that also works for Digital.

Most people will agree with this vision. But there are different views as to how an organisation can get there.

Over many discussions with digital leaders I have tried to identify what support they need to help them make case for Digital in their organisations. In response I developed a set of tools for digital leaders.


Tools for digital leaders


My consultancy Digital Leadership is specifically focusing on providing support to Digital Leads in guiding their organisations through the process of digital transformation.

There are a number of tools I’ve developed over the years:

Digital strategy development framework – which identifies the main purpose of Digital for an organisation. Drawing from organisational strategy & brand it identifies what needs to be done in the areas of Planning & Processes, Staffing & Training and Systems & Data in order to achieve this purpose.

The Digital Maturity test –  a set of 14 questions Digital Leads answer to get a FREE top-line diagnosis of where they are on the digital maturity spectrum and what they need to do/think about to develop the organisation further.

Digital Leads can use this digital maturity diagnosis to communicate to the rest of their organisation what needs to happen next and to gather support for the digital strategy development and the digital transformation process.

The Digital Maturity is also the initial part of the digital strategy development – it provides internal insight into how Digital works in an organisation.

Digital skills audit – Digital strategy and digital maturity processes recommend what needs to be done to achieve the purpose of Digital. Digital skills audit identifies digital skills available/missing in the organisations and helps formulate Learning & Development programme the organisation needs to develop and roll out. It also informs the recruitment strategy of the organisation.

Digital Leadership Forum organised in partnership with Fairsay that aims to develop personal leadership and influencing skills in Digital Leads, which has been attended by 60 + Digital Leads over 4 years of it running.

DLF refreshers – quarterly get-togethers of digital leads where they can discuss main issues they are facing in leading digital in their organisation and learn from each other.

Coaching and mentoring for Digital Leads – This consists of 6 one-to-one sessions every 4-6 where we work through a specific set of issues digital leads want to focus on.


Get in touch

If you are interested in any of the tools above, have any comments, questions or would just like to chat about the issue you are currently grappling with, get in touch. I can be reached on a variety of channels:

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Branislava Milosevic – MD of Digital Leadership Ltd

I’m an independent Digital Consultant and Strategist for the UK non-for-profit sector. I forged my expertise in digital strategy development and implementation at some of the biggest Britain’s charities.

I have been interested in the Digital Leadership development since being on the digital group of the Make Poverty History campaign. But it’s while working in a digital agency that I started looking at how Digital Leadership, or rather lack of it, impacts on the success of Digital in an organisation. I came to a realisation that to deliver a high-quality digital product that delivers for the whole organisation (even when it’s done by an agency) charities need strong Digital Leadership.

That is why I established Digital Leadership Ltd – to help individuals, teams and senior management lead digital transformation in their organisations.

My support can begin with the development of a digital strategy. The strategy identifies the purpose of Digital, how it can help an organisation achieve its objectives and ambition as well as what skills, roles, planning processes and technical or business systems are needed to achieve this purpose.

Through this process and/or strategy implementation I work alongside organisations’ Digital Leads – who are essential in making digital transformation successful – mentoring and supporting them in building up their own leadership and influencing skills.

Since Digital Leadership Ltd was established, I’ve helped shape Communications and/or Digital teams and provided support for the recruitment of digital roles, digital campaign planning and project management. I also run training and mentoring for staff with digital responsibilities and senior management.

I’ve been running the Digital Leadership Forum (DLF) for four years. I am NCVO trainer and a CharityComms mentor.

If you’d like to discuss getting digital strategy and planning support for your staff or on a specific project,  do get in touch, and we can think it through together.