While this report will contain many insights from my own experience and career it also draws from experiences of my colleagues in the sector.

And I am very keen to keep it that way. 

From the beginning I had the support of many fantastic people in the sector who have given me their time and brains to make this project happen.

Big thanks go to Tim Kitchin of Copper Digital who offered his time and brain power to help me finalise The state of Digital Leadership in the not-for-profit sector 2015 report.

Tracy Frauzel of Greenpeace Mobilization Lab inspired me to start looking at Digital Leadership in the sector and offered her thinking, amazing experience, time, energy and constructive advice at crucial moments of this project.

Duane Raymond of Fairsay has offered me the opportunity to run the Digital Leadership Forum as a part of eCampaigning Forum in 2014 which is how I came up with the idea of doing this report.

I couldn’t have made Digital Leadership Forum happen if it wasn’t for Pheona Croom-Johnson – mentor, facilitator and leadership expert.

Namrata Chowdhary and Vanessa Goad volunteered their time to help me collect stories during the Digital Leadership Forum, get the Digital Leadership Survey going and tidy up the final draft.

Julius Honour and Neil Gunn gave me the opportunity to share the initial stages of this survey with Digital Charities group. And I owe a big thank you to Karen Toftera of CAFOD, Jo Kerr of Girguiding UK and Patrick Olszowski of the Stroke Association who gave me invaluable feedback to the final stages of my report.

I also need to give a special thanks to Vicky Browning of CharityComms and Matt Wright of Shelter who have provided the input into this report form the perspective of Senior Management.

Also, my thanks go to The Small Axe digital agency who have provided me with their support, design and web development skills and helped bring this report to life.