Most popular KPI (Key Performance Indicators) are for social media

The number of organisations reporting on more complex KPIs (on income, new supporters, conversions) is low – this is either the actual state of digital reporting or it shows lack of awareness of what kind of reporting on Digital is available

Anecdotally, what seems to be a challenge is making qualitative KPIs (e.g. income and conversions) a part of the top level reporting. Social media stats on the other hand, are reported since they can be understood by the top levels of an organisation

This could also be due to the lack of a clear link between digital strategy and the organisational strategy. Sometimes digital strategies are activity plans for different digital platforms

Most popular digital KPIs

percentage of overall income coming through digital channels 37%
percentage of new supporters coming through digital channels 53%
website conversion rates 45%
income from email 29%
number of multi-action takers 31%
number of likes and follows 79%

Is there clarity on how Digital contributes to organisation's vision?

yes 10%
somewhat 20%
not sure 2.5%
it's patchy - some people are clear others aren't 57.5%
no 12.5%

Digital KPIs are included in Board reports