Only about 23% of survey respondents reported that someone in their organisation leads Digital on both operational and a strategic level

Over 90% of respondents advise that they are sometimes or always involved in the initial planning stages of cross-organisational communication initiatives

This would indicate progress in comparison with a few years ago, when digital teams anecdotally reported that they were seen as service providers with little or no involvement in cross-organisational initiatives

However, the survey results also indicate that in the majority of cases Digital is not sitting at the decision-making table, with input still being sought on the operational level only and even then, inconsistently

Digital influence

What role do digital teams play within an organisation?

Leading Digital on strategic and operational level (22.8%)
Our Digital Lead/team makes decisions on the development of all digital products, whichever team initiates them and is involved in the decision-making on major cross-organisational initiatives (around messaging, content, marketing channels, etc)

Leading Digital on operational level only (25.7%)
Our Digital Lead/team makes decisions on the development of digital products, including when other teams fund and initiate them

Digital involved at the end of the planning process (51.5%)
Our Digital Lead/team leads on the development of some digital products, others are developed by other teams with the involvement of the Digital Lead/team at the very end of the process (when the product needs to be promoted or linked on the main website)

Digital planning

Is someone representing Digital a part of the initial stages of planning of organisational communication initiatives (campaigns, marketing, brand, media, etc)?