Digital roles

Not-for-profit organisations in the UK have a few Digital Directors – only about 10% of respondents in comparison to 48% in a similar US study (

Most senior digital roles are Digital Managers and Heads of Digital reporting to Directors. There aren’t many Digital roles who sit at the decision-making table.

The responses here would seem to suggest that Digital is seen primarily as a delivery function with limited strategic input and, when resources are tight, is seen as less of a priority over other functions in an organisation

Digital Lead – job titles

  • Director of Digital
  • Director of Technology and Organising
  • Director of Digital Comms
  • Head of Digital
  • Head of Digital Communications
  • Head of Online
  • Head of Digital Engagement
  • Head of Digital Marketing
  • Head of Mobilisation
  • Head of Communications
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Communications Coordinator
  • Online Executive
  • Digital Communications Office
  • Web Editor
  • Marketing Manager
  • Digital Fundraising Communications coordinator
  • Digital Platforms Manager
  • Digital Media Manager
  • Digital Manager
  • Digital Publishing Manager Communications Officer

Department Digital team is in

Reporting line for Digital

Number of roles in Digital team

The development of Digital function seems to correspond to the size of an organisation – large organisations have teams of 10 and more, smaller organisations have one person or none.

Less than £2 million income

one 83%
two 16%
three 0%
five - ten 0%
more than 10 0%

From £2 to £20 million income

none 14%
one 28%
two 14%
three 28%
five - ten 14%
more than 10 0%

£20 million and over income

none 0%
one 9.5%
two 14%
three 19%
five - ten 42%
more than 10 14%